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What's theStory?

I dedicated my life to the Lord at a very young age, and as I turned 11, a calling to missions, particularly in Ireland, began to take root within me. The Lord's persistent nudges clashed with my initial resistance, but as my faith matured, my heart softened to obedience, and an intense passion for missions ignited within me.

Upon acknowledging the call to missions, I embarked on a series of short-term trips to Ireland. Each visit brought unique experiences that solidified my conviction. From sharing testimonies on the streets of Galway to participating in community outreach programs, I witnessed the need for spiritual support in the local communities.

These experiences prompted me to officially begin the process of joining Calvary Chapel Galway in March 2017. As I eagerly raised support, I also enrolled in The Center For Intercultural Training in North Carolina to better prepare for the challenges ahead.

Completing the training program, I eagerly initiated the visa application process, only to find that the once straightforward procedure had become an intricate web of complexity. Dishearteningly, most pastors and servants from the Galway church faced insurmountable visa challenges. With the door to Calvary Chapel Galway seemingly closed, I entered a season of waiting.

As I patiently waited on the Lord for guidance, He directed me to inquire about service opportunities with a pastor I had met during my time in Galway. He invited me to serve for a couple of months at his new church plant, Calvary Sligo. It was during this time that I unexpectedly fell in love with Sligo.

In a surprising turn of events, the pastor extended an invitation for me to join Calvary Sligo long-term as the Worship and Media overseer. Given the intricacies of the visa situation, I decided to pursue entry through a student visa.

During my two years of service at Calvary Sligo, I found myself deeply involved in the community. I led worship services, organized media outreach, and participated in various community-building initiatives. The challenges I faced during this period, such as adapting to a new culture and navigating the intricacies of ministry, contributed to significant personal and spiritual growth.

Now, having returned to the States, I find myself seeking the Lord's guidance for the next chapter of my journey, reflecting on the lessons learned and gleaning from the unexpected turns that have reinforced my faith and commitment to missions.

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