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Finally on the Field

Attention!! Exciting news alert:

I am in Ireland! 

This past week has been so crazy, my friends. I'm happy to report on the faithfulness of God. 

As most of you are aware, I have been pursuing entering the country through a student visa. I had applied to a university in Sligo, and I was accepted to begin my studies in Ireland. But because of COVID 19, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to obtain permission to enter the country. 

Last week I received an email from the Irish consulate approving my travel to Ireland with a few contingencies:

  1. I could be denied access through airport immigration.

  2. I could be denied permission to stay in Ireland through the term of my study. 

After much prayer and counsel, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase my tickets, preparing to leave for the mission field. The week that followed was a whirlwind of packing, sweet goodbyes, much-needed encouragement, emotional ups and downs, last-minute registrations/paperwork, and a healthy dose of God's unyielding faithfulness! 

I arrived at Dublin Airport at 6 am on September 12th, and I passed through immigration like a warm knife through Kerrygold Irish butter. Praise the Lord! I can't thank you all enough for your many prayers. My next immigration meeting will hopefully be within the next two weeks. 

The school arranged transport for me from the airport to the Tebbe residence. The Tebbe family has graciously allowed me to stay with them for as long as necessary. I am so blessed by their hospitality and the Lord's provision. 

I am so excited for what this next season holds as I jump into ministry on this side of the world. I am praying for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to renew and refresh His ministry's direction.

Things to pray for:

  1.  My next immigration appointment with David Clark. Please pray for abundant favor from the Lord, that He would be glorified in whatever the outcome.

  2. My transition into life, ministry, and school. Please pray for me as I navigate this transition. Pray that I have a soft heart and that I lean into Him instead of my own understanding. 

  3. Blessings on the Tebbe Family. The Tebbe Family has graciously opened up their home to me for as long as necessary. Please pray for peace and abundant blessings for this fantastic family. 

  4. Academic Ministry. Like me, Clio and Colm Tebbe are attending school this year. Please pray that ministry doors are opened, and hearts are softened to the gospel. 

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