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Discovering Ministry in Galway


So the Lord was with Joshua, and his reputation spread throughout the land. Joshua 6:27

I have now been in Galway for a little over 3 weeks! Time sure flies. In that short amount of time God has done so much in Galway!

By His grace we received a team from Santa Barbara and Simi Valey, California. We were so blessed by them and the work God was doing through them. With their help we nearly finished painting our New Hope building! it was so fantastic! If you have ever attempted to paint over a massive, (nasty) yellow BRICK wall then you can understand just how relieved we were that God sent us our Cali team. Also, we were able to spread flyers in streets and nearby neighborhoods. Raising awareness of the church and our current events is something that we try to do often at New Hope Calvary. It`s great to have a personal interaction with the people of Galway and handing out flyers is just another way to reach out at an individual level. Along with handing out flyers, we did some street evangelism! Recently our team was introduced to a different method of evangelism called Open Air Campaigners. This is a painting ministry that shares the Gospel through puzzle storyboards and riddles. The bright paint, interesting riddles, and brilliant presentation draw the people in and then the Gospel message unfolds as the riddles are revealed. Gary Betts has boldly excepted the challenge to learn to present these in the City Center and he has been doing a phenomenal job. The Cali team engaged in many great conversations. We were able to pray for people which is HUGE!

Women's Tea

We were able to host 3 different events with the help of our Cali team : Youth Night, Men's Taco Night, and Women's Tea. All three of these went very well!

The women's tea was very beautiful. Testimonies were shared and women were encouraged. We had lovely worship led by the sweet worship leaders from our Cali team.

I did not attend the Men's Taco night but I heard they had a super blessed time with much needed encouragement.

youth night

The youth night was my favorite (if I can have favorites...) THREE YOUTH SHOWED UP (which is again, HUGE!) We has great worship, a Gospel presentation was shared and fantastic food was eaten! after that we went to the beach and had fellowship and fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the youth of Galway!

The Cali team served Galway in many more ways then I've mentioned and we were very blessed to have them!

We recently received another team from Destin, Florida! We spent today getting to know each other and I am so excited to serve the Lord with them this week. We've got a full schedule.

In between teams we have had two great Taekwondo outreaches. It has been a fantastic way to spread the news about our new church building. The kids are enjoying it immensely!

Living arrangement

The provision of my gracious Lord had been so humbling. I simply asked for a place to stay and He gave me that and more! I now have housing accommodations planned for the rest of my stay in Galway and fantastic relationships built from staying with splendid people. Praise the Lord! I have since moved out of Cherie's flat and I have moved in with the Betts. For those of you that do not know the Betts family I will just say -They are an awesome family! Carli and Gary have been so encouraging and very helpful. They have given me rides, helped me when I was lost, taken me sight seeing, cooked me meals and so much more! I will definitely miss our tea time conversations when it comes time for them to go back to the states! And the Girls! Oh MY Goodness! I REALLY enjoy our friendship! We play spies, sing songs and have wonderful conversations about my 27th favorite color. Please pray for Blessing on Cherie and now the Betts Family. I am so thankful for their kindness!

I have been given a fantastic opportunity to serve the at a VBS in Youghal, Ireland! I will meet up with some friends from Northern Ireland on the 16th and we will drive down to Youghal. This was the very first ministry I was involved with when I came to Ireland last year so I'm super excited to partner with those folks again and serve the people of Youghal! Could you please pray for softened hearts and an excitement in the kiddos as they hear about this event?

Galway Ministries has been a really exciting ministry to be apart of. As I have been praying about this city and the missionaries that God has appointed to reach these people He gave me Joshua 6:27 "So the Lord was with Joshua, and his reputation spread throughout the land." Unfortunately, the reputation of the His church has been tainted in the hearts of many here in Ireland. They have been hurt by people and they have allowed bitterness to spoil the joy that they could come to know through Jesus Christ. As a result they have been left hopeless. God is so strong! He will overcome their hopelessness and reestablish his reputation in the hearts of the people here in Ireland. Please pray with me for revival in Ireland!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement!

Keep your confidence in Him,


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