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I have Landed in the Emerald Isle

I hit the ground in Dublin Airport Thursday evening. Yes, I realize I've taken my time giving an update... But it was a crazy evening to be sure. As soon as I arrived I was stopped at immigration and pulled aside for at least an hour. Apparently, I look like the kind of character that would try to overthrow Ireland and rule the land with my evil sidekick, Duncan Taylor. However, I was treated very kindly by the man who had thought my length of stay was suspicious. There was an Iranian man who was also prevented from strolling into the Emerald Isle. Despite our language barrier, we became great friends. As I sat in that tiny room with my new friend my thoughts ran wild, "Where's my luggage? Will it get lost or stolen? Am I going to miss my bus? How will I contact my friends if my phone dies? Will this guy ever let me leave?!?" As the anxiety began to weigh me down the Lord settled my mind with something he gave me before I had even left Denver: Deuteronomy 31:6 So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” I breathed in a deep sigh of relief and waited patiently in that itty-bitty room. With that gentle reminder, I knew that God had gone before me and that He had already organized my luggage and my transportation. He knew just how much phone battery I needed. My Father even knew just what that guy needed to convince him that I should be allowed into Beautiful Ireland. After All of that was taken care of I made my way down to baggage claim and there was my luggage, waiting for me on a nice little cart. I walked down to the transportation area and I saw the bus I was instructed to take and I boarded it just as it was about to leave! How's that for perfect timing? Praise The LORD! The bus trip from Dublin to Galway was about 2 1/2 hours. When I arrived in Galway I stepped off the bus and met Cherie, the most wonderful lady! Cherie is an answer to our prayers! she has allowed me to stay in her home for some of my stay in Ireland. She is one of the missionaries in Galway.

The next day I met the McCurnin family (The ministry overseer's Family) and I got to visit the new church! I'm so thrilled to see God providing for this ministry! We hosted a Taekwondo lesson outreach at the church (I'm sorry I didn't take pictures) led by Gary Betts. The kids were having so much fun learning Taekwondo! Fists were literally flying everywhere. Gary was so patient with all of them. He very smoothly integrated Biblical truths into his Taekwondo lesson. It is so wonderful to know that children are getting the Gospel. As soon as the children left, all of the ladies and I put our hair up in a ponytail, got our working cloths on and started painting the sanctuary of the new church!

Since then I have explored the city Center, done some grocery shopping, Prepared for worship this Sunday, and tried to nail down some pertinent navigational information!

To sum it all up, I have been settling in very nicely here in Galway. God is already growing the love in my heart for these people.

Some things you can pray for:

  • Cherie. Please pray for the hand of blessing from the Lord as she has allowed me to stay with her during some of my stay here in Galway.

  • The New Building. Please pray for us as we continue to paint it and fix it up! This is the building that the Lord has provided for this ministry and we want to be good stewards.

  • Ministry opportunities. Please pray that we are aware of the leading of the Holy spirit in this area. There are some things in the works. I'll share more as things progress.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Blessings, Amanda

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